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Brainwells is a Scandinavian company working with future leadership. We do this both online and onsite. We run involving and engaging processes for ambitious international organizations who know that even the most aligned companies, still have a potential to improve. Actually, the simple fact that the human brain tend to predict the future based on previous experiences (linear thinking) is a limiting factor when it comes to realize what potential we behold. Both as individuals, teams. and organizations.

Change does not happen over night. If you expect quick-fixes, you should look elsewhere. When we start a process, we expect commitment and engagement. In return we promise to create a positive and learning environment and share everything we know. We will help you solve your issues, overcome challenges, and establish a solid fundament for further growth. All this while you at the same time can work with your everyday issues. Business is first.

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About us:

We are Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen, founders of Brainwells, authors of the blog LeadershipCourageFun and creators of the online program FutureLeadershipNow. We've been leaders ourselves for many years, and now work internationally training ambitious executive teams. Our mantra is that good (and even great) leadership is what changes everything in this world. We LOVE to share our thoughts and experiences on how to be a leader able to lead changes ahead. It's all here for you to start using. Enjoy!

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