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Yes, we know being a leader is a though call some days. We know that time is tight and that you have big responsibilities. But being a good – and even great – leader is one of the most important jobs you can choose.

The impact you have on people around you, your own life, and even the environment is tremendous. The world needs you to put your drive, talent, and heart into your leadership – to become the BEST leader you can be.

And we’re here to help you. Our mission is to give you actionable tools, insights, and knowledge that will let you really LOVE your job as a leader! Maybe you love it already? Great! We’ll give you what you need to do more in less time, have bigger impact, and create a strong and awesome team to support your journey. It will change the way you look at leadership skills FOREVER.

No, we’re not saying every challenge you face as a leader will disappear. But you will look at things differently, and know how to handle things. Join thousands of other leaders who have discovered that to succeed as a leader in the future, you cannot only rely on skills from the past. We’re all in this together.

Stuck? Here’s Why Going Slow Will Help You Move Faster

Stuck? Here’s Why Going Slow Will Help You Move Faster

In order to be successful we need to constantly find better (and smarter) ways to be more efficient and to increase the level of execution. In this rush for optimal performance and strategy execution, it is easy to get stuck. To lose sight of the important stuff and to know where to focus our efforts. If we haste too much and are constantly in a rush, mistakes are made and long-term opportunities lost. In the middle of stressful situations, we tend to forget that we can actually increase our speed dramatically if we first slow down a bit.

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Why Sharing is Caring

Why Sharing is Caring

We do not know about you, but we LOVE being part of the knowledge economy. Especially these days when SHARING is a big part of the game. Sharing knowledge in this way is a fairly new concept, but still it is easy to get stuck in the old way of thinking about this. We... read more
What This CEO Is Guilty Of…

What This CEO Is Guilty Of…

What do you do if you run a team where the team members do not like each other? Or even worse, they can’t stand each other and refuse to collaborate. But you still need their skills… Last year we were hired by a CEO to assist his executive team with the goal of... read more
3 Easy Steps to Lead Your Team Better

3 Easy Steps to Lead Your Team Better

Sometimes it only takes a few minor adjustments to make your team more efficient and focused. But it is up to you, as the leader, to take initiative because these minor changes can provide dramatic results for you as a leader and the organization at large. One of our... read more

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We are Kristine Maudal and Even Fossen, founders of Brainwells, authors of the blog LeadershipCourageFun and creators of the online program FutureLeadershipNow. We've been leaders ourselves for many years, and now work internationally training ambitious executive teams. Our mantra is that good (and even great) leadership is what changes everything in this world. We LOVE to share our thoughts and experiences on how to be a leader able to lead changes ahead. It's all here for you to start using. Enjoy!

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